Monday, March 03, 2008

Detox Foot Pads - Night 2

So last night was my second night with the foot pads. Again, they were super squishy in the morning. My feet sure sweat a lot with these things on. Here's what I noticed:

I sleep much better and fall asleep almost instantly after putting them on (as I said before, it usually takes me an our or so to fall asleep). I am more sensitive to sounds and movements and "jolt" awake every time my husband moves or makes a noise....but immediately drift back off to sleep. Its a nice sleep too. I don't feel sleepy like if I took a sleeping pill. Its more of an extreme relaxed feeling.

My skin is even clearer yet. I don't want to get too excited about it because I have had my skin temporarily clear up after trying a new product or sometimes for no reason at all, only to go back to the same old oily, dry ugly mess it was before after a few days. So I'm going to wait until I put the verdict in on this on.

I wake up a little easier in the morning and again, didn't have my crappy usual morning feeling.

My sinuses are runnier in the morning. But clear up after a couple of blows. I also have a little post nasal drip in in the morning. I usually have bad allergies and sneezing attacks in the morning and writing this just made me realize I haven't had them for two days. Again, I'd like to give it more time before I start claiming that my allergies have been cured or calmed. I did read that bamboo vinegar (One of the main ingredients in the pads) can active your sinuses.

Still no tremendous amounts of energy like some people say they feel, but I think feeling good in the morning is enough to make me happy.


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